Merchant Services FAQs

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) from our customers.

01. How do I obtain a facility to accept credit & debit cards?

You will need a merchant account, Decimal Factor will organise this for you. A business bank account is also needed for the acquiring bank to transfer payments made by your customers to you (A personal account is acceptable for Sole Traders) – again, Decimal Factor can help you set this up. We will also organise the equipment needed for you to accept card payments. These chip and pin terminals come in a variety of options to suit any business. Discuss your requirements early with Decimal Factor.

02. What are the advantages of accepting credit & debit cards?

Fully electronic data-flow helps in reducing the physical cash hold, makes book-keeping simpler and opens up a heavily used source of funding to your business – capitalise on impulse buyers who may not be carrying the cash but almost always have plastic on them.

03. How long will it take to process my application?

In most cases, your Decimal Factor service will be up and running 7-10 days after we have received your signed application and supporting documentation. This is subject to satisfactory completion of our risk assessment procedures.

04. What is the risk in accepting cards?

The risk of accepting card payments in your business is minimal. Banks take security very seriously and constantly address the security needs of both business and consumer. Chip and Pin makes it very difficult for fraudsters to steal cards as they won't work without a 4-digit "pin". All transactions are securely handled on an encrypted network.

05. When will I receive settlement?

You should receive funds within your business bank account 3-4 working days after the transaction, if the settlement is made in sterling.

06. How can I view my statements?

"ClientLine" provides you with secure web access to your merchant account. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As well as giving you access to your monthly statements, ClientLine has the following benefits:

  • Helps reduce chargebacks
  • Helps reduce administrative costs and resources
  • Provides an additional fraud prevention tool
  • Gives you the ability to download data onto standard spreadsheets improving management analysis and control
  • Helps identify operational improvements If you wish to have a look at the site please go to and click on the demo.
07. Can I accept card payments over the telephone?

Yes, Decimal Factor we can arrange for you to accept card payments via Mail Order.

08. Can I accept card payments on my website?

Yes, Decimal Factor can arrange for an e-Commerce facility which enables card acceptance on your website.

09. Do I have to complete lots of paperwork?

When you have decided to join Decimal Factor we will talk you through the documentation required. It is our job to ensure this process is straight forward and if you have any questions, our team will be more than happy to answer them for you. Your application form will be submitted on the same day for processing.

10. What do I need to start taking credit and debit cards?

You need 3 things to take card payments from your customers:

  • A merchant account
  • A current business bank account
  • A credit card machine to facilitate payments or Payment Service Provider (e-Commerce)
11. What are the benefits of taking credit and debit cards?

There are a multitude of benefits which can be summarised as follows:

  • Cards are now your customers preferred method of payment
  • New sales opportunities by phone, mail and online
  • More customers can come through your door
  • Increased sales as customers are no longer cash limited
  • Opportunities for impulse buying as browsers become buyers
  • Simple and fast automated banking
  • Improved cash flow as money is in your account promptly
  • No bounced cheques and payments are more secure
  • Less cash handling for staff which can reduce simple mistakes
  • Allows you to accept card payments from commercial customers
12. Will my business really benefit from taking credit and debit cards?

Yes. It's a fact: using cards to make payments is the No1 choice for the majority of your existing and potential customers. Most consumers and businesses simply expect to be able to use cards to pay for their goods and services. Taking card payments means you can benefit from the total payment market opportunity, rather than just restricting your business to the amount of cash that your customer's have in their pocket.

13. What do I do / call if my terminal is out of action?

Merchants can contact Decimal Factor between 09:30 to 17:30. For any terminal related queries, the Hypercom helpdesk is available between 08:00 – Midnight.

14. How do I have additional facilities added? Pre Auth, gratuities etc?

Decimal Factor will happily arrange this, please contact us on 0800 612 6961

15. Can a merchant share a terminal with another business? E.G 2 businesses trading from 1 address?

No. Each Entity must have their own dedicated Merchant Number to process card payments.

16. What is PCI DSS?

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard The PCI Data Security Standard represents a common set of industry tools and measurements to help ensure the safe handling of sensitive information.

The PCI Security Standards Council encourages all businesses that store payment account data to comply with the PCI DSS to help lower the brand and financial risks associated with account payment data compromises.

For more information, please refer to

Why does the merchant have to undergo Anti-Money Laundering checks Like most financial institutions, we also must perform due diligence by verifying a customer's identity and, if necessary, monitoring transactions for suspicious activity. This is often termed as KYC -- "know your customer." This means, to begin with, knowing the identity of the customers, and further, understanding the transactions and businesses the customers do.

17. Can a merchant have 2 different acquirers?

No, this is classed as dual acquiring and each merchant must have only one acquirer

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