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01. How does a Business Funding works Exactly?

Please check our video to understand more about how Business Funding Works.

How Cash Advance works?

An innovative funding product that was designed to serve the financial needs of the small and medium sector.

Aimed at businesses that accept debit / credit cards, business funding funds are provided to business by purchasing an agreed percentage of its future debit / credit card sales. The repayments are made by deducting an agreed amount, from the daily debit/credit card sales, until the amount is repaid. Because the repayment is made through the credit card processor it is automated and does not require any effort from the merchant. As there are no fixed payments, the payments are made when credit/debit card sales are made. So, we get paid when the business does.

02. Business Fundings and its benefits
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Business Funding Vs Bank Loans
Business Funding Bank
Loans up to $100,000
Tax Deductable
Bad Credit OK
Quick Funding Process
Cash Flow Friendly
Easy Application
No Personal Guarantee
90% Approval Rate
No Fixed Payments
No Service Fee
24 Hours Approval
Funds within 7 days or less
No Administrative Fees
No Late Fees/ Penalties
No Set Payback Times
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