What I learnt

Don't get ideas I am just talking about payments and financial service .. Money 2020 was indeed a great show as always .. kudos to Anil Aggarwal & team Money 2020 for another successful show. My key learning from the show is that Blockchain is now real. Smart contracts it's not about if it will happen it's about when it will happen. I think the successful use cases of smart contract in Trade Finance will now pave the road for them to be used in Alternative Finance. 2018 to 2020 the Alternative Finance will drop the adjective “Alternative” and become mainstream.

Blockchain will play the key enabler. Why ?

It will make contracts truly paperless contracts

T-ZERO will be reality. Origination to fulfilment will become 0 days.

Cost of capital will reduce as investment in this sector will move from private investor to more involved structures that will make cost of capital cheaper.

Pricing will become more affordable for SME’s.

Payments and collections will become invisible. Like Uber

Our industry will become from a “maybe option” to a “Super cool option”

Commerce will evolve with smart contracts allowing one to instantly understand value created in an SME using Blockchain powered smart contract and distributed ledger.

For the first time in this decade I feel we are at a cusp where Alternative Finance will explode …