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Merchant Services - Card Payments

Making Card Payments work for you

Decimal Factor is proud to offer payment processing solutions to merchants throughout the United States.

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Business Cash Advance

Grow Your Business With Cash Advance

Decimal Factor help provide the Business Cash Advance product to hundreds of merchants cross the United States.

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Business Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance

Business Funding

Our primary objective is to provide small business owners with money in term of cash advance they need to run a successful business with innovative and transparent funding solutions.

Different from conventional business loans, our Merchant Cash Advance is a simple and straightforward form of unsecured loans where the pay back amount is known up front and does not change.

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    Our Cash Advance is an alternative to a bank loans. It is flexible and quick source of getting working capital for your business that works by advancing a sum of money. The repayments are made by deducting an agreed percentage from the daily debit / credit card sales, until the amount is repaid. The real beauty of this product is that there are not set terms or schedule, no penalties, no hidden fees and no guarantees required. You pay back to us when you make sales.

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Merchant Services

Merchant Services

Debit and Credit Card Processing

Our merchant services provide complete card processing capabilities to allow businesses to accept card payment from their customers. We enable merchants to process the following transactions:

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    Our payment solutions brings to merchant a flexible end-to-end payment services to run their business efficiently and profitable, including

    • Easy, fast and secure card payment transactions
    • Merchant support
    • Information reporting
    • Latest technology on the market
    • Best rate on the market

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